Welcome to the World of Digital Advertising!
Dec 14, 20
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AdTech has lately become a quite crowded industry. The key for that is the win-win scheme when everyone — both advertisers and publishers — benefits. If you are not familiar with the industry and just starting your journey to the world of ad buying platforms, here you’ll find the answers to your questions! 

How Do Ad Platforms Work?

Ad management platforms such as Kwanza are places where both sides meet to achieve their main goals:

  1. Advertisers (direct advertisers or ultimate brand owners, affiliate partners, representatives of Demand-Side Platform/Real-Time Bidding) distribute marketing materials and get traffic to their products and services. They receive more public attention for what they offer, which makes their business prosper.

  2. Publishers (webmasters, arbitrators, representatives of Supply-Side Platform/Real-Time Bidding) place these ads on their websites based on the traffic preferences of advertisers and earn money for users’ actions with those ads.

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